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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

George Bush And Presidential "Ghost Mouth" Syndrome

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george bush ghost mouthGeorge Bush is seen here with ghosts coming out of his mouth. Someone told me that this is a common thing with U.S. presidents, that at night they are often kept awake in their bedrooms as they choke on the ghosts of people who have died during their presidency because of decisions they have made. Whether the President's decisions were good or bad, right or just, all men with so much power must feel the spirits of those they have caused to die inside their flesh and they must choke on the ghosts of the dead. George Bush must choke on the dead of 911 and the dead, fallen warriors who so bravely have fought for this nation during the Bush years.

Have you noticed that the newly-annointed President Obama has been coughing alot lately? A couple days ago at a news conference he was ranting about insurance giant, AIG, giving out bonuses to its employees after receiving billions of dollars of bailout money from the American people. He started coughing during the rant and joked that he was "choking on anger." hahahaa. It was another one of Obama's charming, wonderful moments that make him so alluring but it was interesting to think that he was actually choking on the ghosts of the dead that the power of his office is responsible for. Of course he will not say this. He will not start coughing in public and say, "Sorry, folks, I'm choking on the ghosts of our fallen warriors" but those who are in the metaphysical, paranormal "beltway" know EXACTLY what causes the coughing. It is the dead the President is responsible for. Obama said just a few days after his inauguration that one of the most sobering experiences he had as President so far, when the weight of his office really hit him, was when he had to sign letters to the families of our fallen soldiers. In time he will learn to control his ghostly coughing and keep it confined to to the bedroom as the ghosts keep him awake at night and he tries to sleep during these coughing fits. The dead never let you forget and that is the way it should be!


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