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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Appearance Of Upside Down Underwear On Heads Of Politicians

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obama al gore green energyDemocratic party folk hero, Al Gore, isn't green with envy in this pic over the fact that Barack Obama won the Presidency when he wasn't able to do so in 2000. He is green with the hope that Obama will help him make great strides in the areas of greener, cleaner energy. I have put a pair of upside-down underwear on Barack Obama's head to symbolize his humility in the presence of the revered Al Gore as the two embrace in a celebration of environmental awareness. Al Gore, not being one to let someone wear underwear on their head alone, decided to take his own underwear off and put it on his head also in act of party unity. Though Obama's presidency has thus far been dominated by efforts to fix the problems with the banks on Wall Street, the overall theme of fixing the economy beyond just the banks will become a bigger priority and it is only a matter of time before the environment and the creation "green jobs" become a huge part of this equation and the talk of the nation. This is when Al Gore will reappear. He will have more "inconvenient truths" for America to have to digest and he will play a large role in creating many of these "green jobs" in the Southwestern United States on tomato and letttuce farms in government programs intended to integrate Mexican and American cultures, force Mexicans and American people to work together and love one another as they grow vegetables to put in tasty tacos and other zesty Mexican food dishes.


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