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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Even Tacos And Underwear Cannot Help Osama bin Laden

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obama smokes cigarette during 9/11Here we see Osama bin laden with a pair of American underwear on his head. This is to express how he is not taken seriously as a terrorist by some and how some conspiracists and 911 Truth Movement people say about Osama actually being a CIA operative, that he is used as a boogeyman to strike fear into the hearts of Americans and justify ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so the government can slowly chip away at the civil liberties of free Americans in ther name of national security. I choose to remain aloof and not take a side in this argument and my goal is simply to document some ideas that are out there. That is why I put a taco in Osama's hand as if to say, "Chill out, Osama, quit killing Americans and eat a taco." Whether Osama is alive or dead; whether he is working for the CIA, the Illuminati, the Shadow Government, the U.S. government or if he really is the leader of Al Qaeda and everything the mainstream media says is true, one thing I know for certain is that if he walked around with a pair of underwear on his head eating tacos all the time he might have alot more friends, not be so angry and maybe not have to live in a cave. That is until someone reported him to the authorities, of course, and he was put in prison and probably later executed for killing nearly 3,000 Americans. Unfortunately for some people it's a case where even tacos and underwear can only do them so much good.


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