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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deep In The Stimulus Bill There Is Money For Alternative Gay Energy Studies?

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gay alternative love energyThere is alot of talk about energy these days, especially about trying to figure out alternative solutions to oil. One type of energy most do not talk about but I think was an integral component of Obama's election campaign message was that of love. It is important to remember that humans cannot figure out any types of alternative energy solutions without forming some sort of bond with their fellow man. There is the more generalized form of love which involves love for your fellow man that is expressed more in doing good deeds for them or helping them out in need. There is the more intense, intimate love that involves a man and a woman and includes kissing and love-making. Then we have what I think is the most intense love and perhaps one which creates the most potent form of energy, and that is intimate love between two men. This type of "gay love" has been used as a cultural wedge in our country and has been the cause of much divisiveness. It should be pointed out, though, that a "love act" between two men that involves so much friction and rubbing of hairs and petroleum lubricant should be studied. It is my hope that somewhere deep in the Stimulus Bill that was recently passed in congress there is some grant money to study this very thing, how energy can be funneled into a useful medium from the erotic acts of two males making good use of their alternative love energy.


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