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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dark Side Of Obama Represented By His Being Portrayed As A Vampire

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obama as aa vampireIn the painting, "The Trilateral Puppet Graveyard of Count Zbigula," I explore some of the ideas I'd heard around the summer which talked about conspiracies surrounding Obama. This made me want to do a painting to portray him in sort of a spooky, yet still whimsical, light and I decided to make him a vampire. I'd just finished reading a book by Webster Griffin Tarpley entitled Obama: Post-Modern Coup and it satisfied the conspiracy theorist in me much more than the right-wing smears about Obama being a Muslim, a murderer of gays, a crack addict, etc. I was looking for something a bit more involved and insidious and having to do more with elaborate schemes of world domination than all these cheap slams on his character. Webster Tarpley seems like a pretty brilliant guy and there is alot of good information in the book. He was wrong about a few things. My edition of the book came out in Spring 2008 and in it Tarpley said that McCain would pick Lieberman as his running mate. He also wrote a whole chapter talking about how Obama would lose the election which, of course, was incorrect. The main focus of the book is on Obama's relationship with Zbig Brzezinski, a former advisor to Jimmy Carter and a primary member of the Trilateral Commision. Tarpley says that Obama is a puppet of Brzezinski who wants to get us in a huge world war with Russia and China. We'll see what develops. I like to read conspiracy theories and lore but I approach it all like I would about anything else. Some of it rings true, some of it is ridiculous and some of it is just entertaining. Mainly I think I like it because of its mythological traits in that it rides such a fine line between reality and fantasy and feeds my imagination and fills it with more symbols to play around with. Even the crazy parts alot of times seem to have some degree of value to them, if only from the socio-psychological perspective of why people actually believe or want to believe such stuff.


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