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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brett Favre In Tightie-Whities Predicts Obama's 2008 Election Victory

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brett favre in tightie-whitiesThe sight of an NFL quarterback standing proudly in a pair of brand-new tightie-whities is indeed a sight to behold. It seems to be such a quintessentially American image, a young, muscular man who is a proven leader standing in clean, fresh pure white underwear that covers his fertile, vital reproductive organs which give birth to the American dream. This observation is especially relevant in the case of Brett Favre who changed his old, nasty yellow underwears of 17 years and put on the pictured brand new pair of tightie-whities that Obama gave him just as he joined his new team, the New York Jets, in 2008. What a powerful American symbol of hope and renewal! This was surely an omen that Barack Obama was going to win the election and he did. That is why I think with the NFL, if you study the games and how the narrative develops as the "Great Story" proceeds throughout the season, you can often learn alot about life and you can also use it to predict important non-sports-related events.


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