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Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Alternative Metaphor To Jesse Jackson's Castration Remarks

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jesse jackson with castration scissorsI was as disappointed in Jesse Jackson's remarks made on a "hot mic" about Obama over the summer as anyone. His comments about how he wanted to "cut Obama's nuts off" showed that not only is there divisiveness amongst the political parties and races, there is also fighting within the black community. Funnily enough, what Jesse Jackson was angry with Obama about is also a major element of the Republican party's ideology, that of taking personal responsibility. Obama said that black fathers need to start taking more responsibility for the lives of their children while Republicans often say that people need to take more responsibility for their own needs and not look to the government for help.

There is also a more direct connection to Jackson's "cutting" remarks when you think of it not as cutting off Obama's testicles, but in the sense of "cutting the umbilical cord." We all could work to meet people like Jesse Jackson halfway if we say, "Okay, you want to snip at people's body parts with your scissors, how about we cut everyone's umblical cord instead?" Rather than using the grisly metaphor for taking away someone's manhood or potency and speaking of their private parts, we can use one which applies to something everyone goes through as an infant and apply it to the idea of taking personal responsibilty for one's actions and own situation. This ideological compromise alone could perhaps help to unite the black community and that is but one small step toward realizing Obama's goal of a fully united nation.

As far as thinking of something for the Republicans to cut instead of someone's nuts, how about we just ask them to please cut the CRAP? Hahahahahaa.


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