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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Al Gore's "Taco Ingredient Farms" And the Advancement Of Multi-Cultural Male Unity

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mexican american gay tomato field workersIt's no secret that many of the green jobs that Al Gore has promised to provide Americans with once he is appointed "Secretary of Taco Ingredient Farming" by Obama will be the wonderful jobs on the tomato and lettuce farms near the Mexican border in the American Southwest. Since Al Gore fully understands the symbolism of a taco he will make sure that only the finest workers will be sent to these farms where the important taco ingredients of tomatoes and lettuce are grown. Here is where Mexican and American workers will serve the American-Mexican Union hand-in-hand, working together to renew the future of both countries. There will be many hot days but the nights will be full of bliss as many green-minded American men may find themselves bonding with some wonderful, hairy-chested, muscular Mexican farm workers. After filling their tummies with the clean energy they receive from eating tacos filled with fresh lettuce and ripe tomatoes all day, it will be time to engage in certain pleasurable "acts of unity" that will be bound to create the needed tension and friction to run a generator at night to keep the lights on over the fields so that workers can pick tomatoes and lettuce around the clock. It won't be easy work but the benefits will be immeasurable as American and Mexican men learn to love one another in ways which some of them may never have before dreamed of.


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