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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Women No Longer Faint In The Midst Of Obama's Stirring Words

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women in obama underwearDuring the primaries, women were swooning and fainting at the then-senator's stirring words and the profundity of the moment. That was before President Obama made his Executive Order right on the White House lawn that decreed all American citizens must change their underwear. Now that women are wearing fresh, sweet-scented bras and bottoms, perhaps they will be able to withstand the moving experience of listening to our President speak. Studies were made after the election on the phenomenon of women fainting during the campaign season. It was determined by scientists that the friction between Obama's optimistic, hopeful message and the pessimistic stains left on Americans' underwear by 8 years of Republican rule caused blood cells to crystalize and stopped blood flow in the body, of which women were for some reason especially susceptible to fainting from.

In this picture you see a Latina woman and an black woman with fresh pairs of underwear on, as well as having multi-colored body parts. These different colored body parts are meant to signify the diversity of supporters President Obama has inspired as well as each color corresponding to a particular taco ingredient.


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