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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Randy Moss As An Oakland Raider Serves As Metaphor of Hope For Our Failing Economy

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randy moss raider artRandy Moss is my favorite NFL player and I made this little representation of him as part of a larger painting a few months ago. It portrays Randy as an Oakland Raider, which is sort of a "black hole" he fell into that served as the worst two years of his otherwise outstanding Hall of Fame career. His 2005 and 2006 NFL seasons as an Oakland Raider were spent on a losing team and his stats for those years were the worst of his career. Randy was criticized for "quitting" on the team and for not trying hard enough. Then Raiders head coach, Art Shell, said that Randy had "lost his legs," that he just wasn't fast enough anymore, and that his career was nearly over.

Well, of course, Randy Moss showed everyone wrong when he was traded to the New England Patriots where during the 2008 season he caught a record 23 receiving touchdowns and helped lead the Patriots to the first-ever 16-0, undefeated regular season and ALMOST a perfect 19-0 Super Bowl-winning season.

I think we should all look at Randy Moss during his Oakland Raider days and see how it relates to our now-ailing economy. Sure, things look bad now but keep thinking that after a couple years, after two "losing seasons" or so on a bad team, perhaps the economy will get back on its feet again just like Randy revived his career with the New England Patriots. Football is indeed the sport that serves as the best metaphor for life and I think we could all learn alot about our economy by studying the career of Randy Moss. Don't give up hope because record-setting numbers are just around the corner, people!


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