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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quarterback John McCain Stands Frozen As He Gets Sacked By Obama's 365 Electoral Votes

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john mccain holds footballsThe states of Hawaii and Alaska surround Senator John McCain as he stands in his skeleton suit holding a football in each hand. The game of football and the ball it uses are a repeated theme in my art. I like to use footballs to represent some sort of action or motion, to signify some sort of progress toward a goal. John McCain is seen here holding a football in each hand, which to me symbolizes stagnation. Each football cancels the other out; one makes the other indecisive. McCain doesn't know which ball to throw, let alone which receiver to throw it to. This also represents McCain's connection to George Bush during the 2008 election in that he never did represent change. He wanted America to be stuck in basically the same policies as the previous administration which is why you see him standing there frozen and about to get sacked by Obama's 365 electoral votes!



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