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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Stands Far Away From The Flag Of Mexico

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obama and the mexican flagHere is a picture of President Obama standing faaaaar away from the Mexican flag as it sinks deeper and deeper into a lake of nacho cheese sauce. Many people say that it is Mexico and not places like Iraq and Afghanistan that will give Obama fits during his presidency. Many analysts feel that Mexico is on the verge of a total cataclysmic collapse into anarchy. The drug lords and cartels are slowly taking over the whole country. More and more Mexican immigrants are crossing the border, committing violent crimes and stealing American jobs. This is another reason why I like to focus on Mexican food because I feel that the Latino population will play a more and more critical role in our nation's success or failure. Obama is now faaaar away from the Mexican flag as it sinks. Don't you think he should draw a little closer to it and pull it out of the nacho cheese sauce before it is too late?



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