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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Has the Heart Of A Taco As He Holds Nation's Heart In His Hands

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bill clinton likes cheeseTonight President Obama Holds the nation's heart in his hands as he gives his first major speech to the country since becoming Chief Executive. He speaks to congress in what is a highly-anticipated address during a period where there is alot of economic uncertainty. This picture is actually part of a larger Obama painting I made this past summer where I talk about Obama's relationship to Bill Clinton during the primaries. In the original painting the heart is supposed to be Bill Clinton's and it was intended to serve as a point of discussion for how Clinton's heart surgery in September 2004 affected his behavior during the primaries and perhaps forced him to say things that got him into trouble. Of course, what people wish is that the heart Obama holds in his hands were Timothy Geithner's heart, that Obama had somehow sacrificed him to the Money Gods because it seems that nearly ALL the pundits and Wall Street investors have absolutely no confidence in Secretary of the Treasury Geithner AT ALL. Every time Geithner even whispers a word, the Dow plunges 500 points!

If you'll notice, while Obama holds a human heart that serves as symbolism for many things, his own heart is that of a taco! I often think of President Obama having the heart of a taco. He said his favorite food is hot, spicy chili from Texas and this serves, to me, as a perfect symbol of unity between nations! What can be better than to have the heart of a taco that has meaty Texas chili inside of it? You have American chili stuffed inside a Mexican taco, sprinkled with green lettuce, red tomatoes, orange cheese and annointed with tasty white sour cream, so many colors to represent our country's great melting pot of people. Let's hope that President Obama's "Taco Heart" gives him the energy and stamina he needs to give a good speech tonight so he can instill confidence in the market and make the American people feel a bit more at ease about our economic future.



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