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Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Obama Change In Underwear Gives Asian Woman Courage To Believe

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asian woman in obama underwearAn Asian woman who is in love with Obama stands next to him in the underwear our new President just gave her. You'll notice that her face is yellow and this is not to indicate skin color but to 1) Represent the yellow color of cheese that is put in tasty tacos and 2) Stand for the cowardice this woman possesses which will start to slowly fade away as her new underwear slowly chips away at her inhibitions. During the election campaign, Obama made many Americans feel partially naked as they found themselves moved by his idealistic rhetoric and lofty platitudes. President Obama awakened within them pieces of their souls that they were embarrassed to reveal to their friends and family, for fear that Obama would lose the election and they would look like gullible fools. I portray alot of people in their underwear to represent this fear and partial nakedness, this risk that many Americans took when they decided to outwardly show their support for Obama, for his idealism and hopeful, optimistic message which many people from Hillary Clinton to Republicans snickered at and made fun of. It is my hope that now that Obama has won the election, not only will Americans be "in their underwear" figuratively, but that they will actually venture forth into the streets of this great nation in their underwear physically to show their continued support for the President and to pay tribute to that feeling we all experienced during the election when our idealism was reawakened, or perhaps was even revealed to us for the very first time.



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