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Saturday, February 28, 2009

John "McCrypt" McCain Wears A Skeleton Suit And Refuses To Eat The Sugar Skulls Of Sweet Change

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john mccain and sugar skullsDuring the 2008 election campaign I often imagined John McCain, not in his underwear, but in a multi-colored skeleton suit. I think this has something to do with his advanced age and the fact that he seemed like such a "downer." he seemed like such a "buzz kill" who wanted to deflate the balloon of all the optimistic idealism of so many voters who wanted Obama to win so badly. I mean, really. Who could be so dead inside to actually vote against Obama? Why must the Republicans try to be "party poopers" and hold fast to their dead, out-dated ideas that have already failed? I heard someone else refer to John McCain as "John McCrypt," alluding to his oldness in both body and mind, and it made me imagine him standing in the doorway of his own crypt, just standing there doing nothing while the sweet, tasty sugar skulls of hope and change sit right next to him. Why can't John McCain just take a bite out of the sugar skulls and take the skeleton suit off, leave his crypt and have fun with rest of us Americans who support our new President?


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