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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue Indiana Loves Obama

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obama holds blue indianaThen President-Elect Obama wears a purple suit as he holds the blue neighboring states of Indiana and Illinois in his hands. Even though my home state of Indiana's vote count didn't get called until later in the night when Obama already had enough electoral votes, I was so happy that it finally turned blue for the first time since 1964. It was just so nice to see that swath of blue states in the upper midwest and northeast not being tarnished by little old red state Indiana right smack in the middle like it usually is. I think a big factor in the Obama win was the Democratic primary that got so much attention and saw Obama making so many stops in Indiana. The closeness to Illinois did help, especially with the northwestern portion of Indiana, but I really think us Hoosiers appreciated Obama coming to see us so much. As a life-long Hoosier I can tell you that we're not used to feeling that relevant to the national political scene. Obama even visited the state during the general election and has already held a highly publicized town hall in Elkhart, IN, as President. INDIANA LOVES YOU, OBAMA!! KEEP COMING BACK and you'll get our votes again in 2012!


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