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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bill Clinton In White Cotton Briefs Gives Speech In Favor Of Lettuce

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bill clinton speaks against salmonellaHere is pictured former president Bill Clinton in a clean, fresh pair of white cotton briefs which were given to him by Barack Obama after he clinched the Democratic nomination. It is well-known that Bill was bitter about Hillary's defeat and Obama had to give him this gift of "a change in underwear we can believe in" in order to get him to campaign for him during the General Election. This was also during a time when tomatoes were thought to be tainted with salmonella in the summer of '08, and when our political leaders in Washington were encouraging Americans to just put more LETTUCE on their tacos to make up for lack of tomatoes and to keep up the nation's morale during this terrible time. Bill Clinton is seen here making a speech in favor of lettuce as he says to his listeners, "Lettuce not be upset at the lack of tomatoes in our tacos. Lettuce instead come together and rally around this head of lettuce I have before me which represents our hopes and our dreams as we feed it to our families in place of that which is now diseased."


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