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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bill Clinton In His Boxers As He Saves The Tomatoes

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bill clinton and 9/11I distinctly remember watching the news during the 9/11 crisis when Bill Clinton was shown walking the streets of New York City while many people walked up to him asking for help. It was honestly a very moving scene. I became misty-eyed as, for just a moment during that horrible time I felt transported to the 90's when everything was so upbeat and positive and when Bill Clinton, while often seen wearing nothing but his boxers, was adored by many Americans.

So it was during the salmonella crisis of the summer of '08 that I got the idea for this image of Bill Clinton in his boxers, triumphantly holding up a tomato as if to say, "It is okay, the tomatoes will get better. You will soon be able to put tomatoes in your tacos again without having to worry about ingesting Mexican workers' fecal matter." There is a subtle message being put forth in this picture in the form of the Venezuelan flag, perhaps hinting that maybe we should start getting our tomatoes there instead?


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