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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bill Clinton "Craps" On His Legacy While Visiting Mexico To Do A Speech On Salmonella

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asian woman in obama underwearHere is a picture of former President Bill Clinton being ravaged by the effects of salmonella on a trip to Mexico this past summer to do a speech on that very sickness. There is truth in the fact that in my exploration of a creative vision through the mystical, metaphorical power of Mexican food, I must sometimes delve into the icky world of the workings of the digestive tract. In my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series I have chosen to do this sparingly, but I feel this image of Bill Clinton using the restroom with a sombrero atop his head to be essential. It was made this past summer during a period in which many pundits were talking of how, through his bitter comments to the media regarding Hillary losing the election, he was said to be "crapping" on his legacy by isolating many Democrats who once thought of him fondly. I personally find it potent symbolism in the history of Bill Clinton in relation to Obama, Tacos and Underwear, and it's something I may return to again at some point as I progress with the series.


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