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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bill Clinton And The Political Symbolism Of "Good Cheese Gone Bad"

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bill clinton likes cheeseI like to use cheese alot in my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series because I like how its color makes me think of the positive, radiant energy of the sun. This positive energy, of course, has a big connection to the positive, optimistic message that President Obama gives to the nation. When you see Obama up there speaking it is almost like a "radiant cheesy glow" surrounds him. It is like he is surrounded by blocks of fresh, golden yellow cheddar cheese, so tasty and rich as the cheese emits a soothing blanket of light all around our President. And no, please spare me the "cut the cheese" jokes by saying that either Obama or a member of his staff (perhaps Geithner?) is near him farting, and that this is where the "radiant cheesy glow" comes from. Hahahahaa.

This "political fart talk" actually leads me to a question and my connection here to Bill Clinton: What happens when cheese goes bad? Most people are aware of Bill Clinton's heart surgery in September of 2004, and how some analysts say it has made him cranky. It can be said that at one time when he was President, Bill Clinton may have also radiated a similar cheesy glow to Barack's. But as evidenced by his need for heart surgery, his arteries have been clogged by spending too much time exposing the nation to his cheese. Even the most delicious, tasty golden cheese goes bad. It clogs the arteries and eventually adversely affects the heart of the individual and then the heart of the nation. Perhaps this is why Hillary wasn't able to ride Bill's coat-tails quite as high as she once thought BECAUSE BILL CLINTON IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF GOOD CHEESE GONE BAD.



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