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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The American Dream Of Clean Underwear And Tasty Tacos Comes True For Millions

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the american dream symbolized by tacos and underwearIt is my belief that underwear is by no means a tacky, tasteless thing as long as it is CLEAN. The underwear we wear as Americans must be clean and it must be fresh. When we walk on the streets of this great nation of ours, imagine how everyone would feel if they had on a brand-new pair of cotton briefs. How exhilarating is the feeling when you first put them on?! And add on to that, the eating of crisp, crunchy tacos as we sit outside on our porches; in our backyards; in the lawns of our neighbors eating tacos and wearing fresh cotton briefs as we start to feel the manifestation of that dream so many have spoken of, how happy we as a nation can truly be if we work together to alleviate our differences! Mexican tacos and American underwear truly can work together to create great art and hold even greater fiestas!


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