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Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Mask Hot Sauce Cult

obama mask halloween paintingOkay, the fictional background story behind this painting is that these "Obama Hot Sauce Cult" members wearing Obama Masks go to a McCain/Palin supporter costume party in New Mexico on Halloween night. They go there seeking hot Republican Latina women to hook up to giant machines shaped like hot sauce bottles in order to withdraw all of the hot, ruby red-state salsa that runs through their veins and turn it into yummy, scintillatingly spicy HOT SAUCE OF HOPE. Their evil plan is to somehow secretly put this sinister sauce into the tacos of McCain/Palin supporters on Election Day in order to get them to change their vote so that New Mexico can turn BLUE this year! And the Republicans think that ACORN is a problem! Hahahaaa. . . .. . . .. . . click here to read more


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wear An Obama Mask To Be One With "The One"

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hot sauce of hopeEverybody wants to be like Obama. He is an icon, an idea that extends even beyond himself as he, himself, well knows. He said it himself when he said, "I am the one the world is waiting for . . . I have become a symbol of America returning to its best traditions." Republicans made fun of him for referring to himself as "The One" because they don't understand the magick of metaphor, that the universe is composed of light which takes the form of layers of ideas which spiral and intert-connect as we compare one literal thing to another by giving it a non-literal inpterpretation like:

Obama is a wave which makes waters flood over dry, desert land
His eyes are sparkling HOPE DIAMONDS that say "Yes We Can!"

So it is that everyone identifies with Obama in their own way and that is why the "Obama Mask" is so popular this Halloween. Not only does it have the literal purpose of simply dressing up as Obama for fun, but it also serves the symbolic purpose of a person's indentifying with the movement of "We Are One" which leads me back to Obama's original declaration of "I am the One," because when you think about it and truly believe in America, you are effectively wearing an Obama mask whether you realize it or not. And when you wear an Obama mask, whether figuratively or literally, the "I" and the "We" become synonymous. Not only do you become one with Obama but you also become one with the nation and all of its citizens.

In the picture at the top right of this entry you see what Obama would call a "typical white male" wearing an Obama mask. Notice he has tomato slices on his chest and cheese for a torso? This says that not only is he in union with Obama and the more general, new national mythology that he, along with his fellow supoorters, are urrently creating, but it also more specifically says that he supports multi-culturalism, through his use of taco ingredients as a way of signifying his support.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Those Who Do Not Support Obama Shall Be Injected With Hot Sauce Of Hope!

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hot sauce of hopeThis picture is part of a larger painting entitled "Attack of the Obama Mask Hot sauce Cult! which I use as a focal point for discussing a few ideas related to "Obamamania." One of these ideas I want to explore is the idea of Obama non-supporters being injected with HOT SAUCE OF HOPE in an effort to get them "with the program." So are you one of them, a member of the "NOBAMA" crowd? You think you are so cool, such a self-reliant corporate-loving cowboy capitalist as you sit there in your butt-less chaps watching Sean Hannity spew his despicable, disgusting bile of hatred towards those who love hope and believe in change. You sit there eating your bloody raw meat as you listen to Rush Limbaugh. You refuse to go out and look for a job because you say, "What's the point if I'm just going to get punished for my success?" You say this even though you have no prayer of ever making $250,000 a year and will never have your taxes raised under Obama's plan, anyway. It seems to me you need an injection. You need shock treatment for your illness, for being so sour-minded and such a "party pooper" and obstructionist, clinging to your guns and your religion and tiny, small-minded ideas.

Well, it has been decreed that these so-called "self-reliant" complainers who deem themselves too righteous and hard-working to redistribute some of their wealth to the poor must now agree to be injected with the HOT SAUCE OF HOPE that Obama's culinary scientists are currently working on before you come looking to Obama for a hand-out, for a BAIL-OUT once your greedy paws and unscrupulous practice of preying and spitting upon the "weak" bites you in your non-redistributing rear-ends. You think you are a werewolf but you do not realize that the face of the werewolf has changed. It is a more loving face attached to a hairier torso inside which lies a more giving, hopeful heart. You must sacrifice now and help us pay for the debt that was put upon us all NOT BY THE DEMOCRATS but by the greedy capitalist crooks you idolize and let feed you lies and fill with the delusion that you could ever be as rich as any of them are. They laugh at you just as Andy Griffith did in that awesomely enlightening movie, "A Face In The Crowd."


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Sauce Of Hope Is Symbolic Of The Soul

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hot sauce of hopeThe Bible says, "Don't drink the blood for the blood is the life," and many people take that to mean that the blood must be symbolic of the soul. If that is true, though, why does blood taste so NASTY? Why does all the iron inside it taste like RUST? Rust is what occurs when metal is exposed to the elements too long and is neglected. That doesn't seem to me a fitting metaphor for the human soul. No, I believe in the magick of pure idealism and it is my belief that through the human consumption of salmonella-free tomato products, we can enrich our blood cells with the scintillating spirit of SALSA and through the intake of various spices, onions and peppers we can all manufacture within ourselves a new kind of "blood," a different kind of "soul," and this soul we shall deem smeared with and represented by HOT SAUCE OF HOPE!! Our leader, "Obama Taco Underwear" has thus declared it and it is our new mission to make it so by doing every thing we can to grow tasty, ripe tomatoes and make hot sauce we can swim in, bathe in and perhaps even wash our UNDERWEAR in? Could such a daring dream really come true?



Monday, October 27, 2008

Her Kingdom Of Heaven Looks Like A Bottle Of Hot Sauce For A Heart

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republican latina girlI make no excuses for the fact that I love Latina women and this here larger painting is sort of a tribute to that fact. I love their raven black hair, their midnight eyes, their fiery, feisty temperaments and the fact that they all have delicious, spicy reddish-orange hot sauce running through their veins. Not too many full moons ago I went wild with the werewolf fever and said a few things to a girl that broke her heart and after that I said I'd never give all of my love to just one woman, but instead I felt I had a heart big enough to howl at the sight of tens of thousands of hot Latina hotties FULL MOONING me, if you know what I mean!

And since I feel I have so much love in my heart it makes sense that I'm an Obama supporter and that the lofty idealism he cultivates within all of us cuts right through me. It makes my hairs stand on end and it makes me wonder if there is a girl out there with a heart like mine, some hot Latin American salsa-dancing, taco-eating cutie with a HOT SAUCE HEART pumping so much spicy, zesty life through her veins the way our President's words send a shiver up my spine. I guess, in a way, what I'm doing is sort of mimicking those old Gnostic Jesus gospels that say, "The Kingdom of Heaven Is Inside Of You" and if there's a gorgeous Mexican sweetie out there whose "Kingdom of Heaven" looks just like a bottle of hot sauce, well, I guess that'd be fine with me.


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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hot Latina Babe McCain Supporting Vampires?

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latina bush-supporting vampire babesI've personally always found that the hottest women are Democrats, so I wanted to do a few portraits where I explore the idea of hot Republican girls in the spirit of bi-partisan "babe-watching." No, I'm not talking about the "Babes of Wal-Mart," but what I'm imagining are all these hot, vampy Latina-looking chicks living in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that I've portrayed in this larger painting devoted partially to the idea of hot Republican Latinas. They are raised as strict catholics and forced to resist their sexual desires. This repressed urge then takes the form of an insatiable, relentless thirst for HOT SAUCE that is so intense it manifests itself in their beautiful brains in the form of delusions that this "hot sauce" is actually found in the veins of unsuspecting liberal men. I imagine them to be like vampires who survive off sucking the blood out of Democratic men's veins as they walk along the sandy beaches and seduce naive young surfers and other beachcomber-types. They come up to them offering them a "tax cut" at the local surf shop or burrito stand, but what they do when they lure their victims into their spooky sand castles is cut them with their razor sharp claws and suck them dry! As their victims' blood runs through these hot babes' veins it begins churning and transforming. Slowly, it becomes zesty and spicy as it interacts with all the hot pepper cells these chicks have running through them and becomes ACTUAL LITERAL HOT SAUCE. What else could explain how hot these chicks are, other than to say they have hot sauce running through their veins?


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