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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wear An Obama Mask To Be One With "The One"

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hot sauce of hopeEverybody wants to be like Obama. He is an icon, an idea that extends even beyond himself as he, himself, well knows. He said it himself when he said, "I am the one the world is waiting for . . . I have become a symbol of America returning to its best traditions." Republicans made fun of him for referring to himself as "The One" because they don't understand the magick of metaphor, that the universe is composed of light which takes the form of layers of ideas which spiral and intert-connect as we compare one literal thing to another by giving it a non-literal inpterpretation like:

Obama is a wave which makes waters flood over dry, desert land
His eyes are sparkling HOPE DIAMONDS that say "Yes We Can!"

So it is that everyone identifies with Obama in their own way and that is why the "Obama Mask" is so popular this Halloween. Not only does it have the literal purpose of simply dressing up as Obama for fun, but it also serves the symbolic purpose of a person's indentifying with the movement of "We Are One" which leads me back to Obama's original declaration of "I am the One," because when you think about it and truly believe in America, you are effectively wearing an Obama mask whether you realize it or not. And when you wear an Obama mask, whether figuratively or literally, the "I" and the "We" become synonymous. Not only do you become one with Obama but you also become one with the nation and all of its citizens.

In the picture at the top right of this entry you see what Obama would call a "typical white male" wearing an Obama mask. Notice he has tomato slices on his chest and cheese for a torso? This says that not only is he in union with Obama and the more general, new national mythology that he, along with his fellow supoorters, are urrently creating, but it also more specifically says that he supports multi-culturalism, through his use of taco ingredients as a way of signifying his support.


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