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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Sauce Of Hope Is Symbolic Of The Soul

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hot sauce of hopeThe Bible says, "Don't drink the blood for the blood is the life," and many people take that to mean that the blood must be symbolic of the soul. If that is true, though, why does blood taste so NASTY? Why does all the iron inside it taste like RUST? Rust is what occurs when metal is exposed to the elements too long and is neglected. That doesn't seem to me a fitting metaphor for the human soul. No, I believe in the magick of pure idealism and it is my belief that through the human consumption of salmonella-free tomato products, we can enrich our blood cells with the scintillating spirit of SALSA and through the intake of various spices, onions and peppers we can all manufacture within ourselves a new kind of "blood," a different kind of "soul," and this soul we shall deem smeared with and represented by HOT SAUCE OF HOPE!! Our leader, "Obama Taco Underwear" has thus declared it and it is our new mission to make it so by doing every thing we can to grow tasty, ripe tomatoes and make hot sauce we can swim in, bathe in and perhaps even wash our UNDERWEAR in? Could such a daring dream really come true?



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