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Monday, October 27, 2008

Her Kingdom Of Heaven Looks Like A Bottle Of Hot Sauce For A Heart

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republican latina girlI make no excuses for the fact that I love Latina women and this here larger painting is sort of a tribute to that fact. I love their raven black hair, their midnight eyes, their fiery, feisty temperaments and the fact that they all have delicious, spicy reddish-orange hot sauce running through their veins. Not too many full moons ago I went wild with the werewolf fever and said a few things to a girl that broke her heart and after that I said I'd never give all of my love to just one woman, but instead I felt I had a heart big enough to howl at the sight of tens of thousands of hot Latina hotties FULL MOONING me, if you know what I mean!

And since I feel I have so much love in my heart it makes sense that I'm an Obama supporter and that the lofty idealism he cultivates within all of us cuts right through me. It makes my hairs stand on end and it makes me wonder if there is a girl out there with a heart like mine, some hot Latin American salsa-dancing, taco-eating cutie with a HOT SAUCE HEART pumping so much spicy, zesty life through her veins the way our President's words send a shiver up my spine. I guess, in a way, what I'm doing is sort of mimicking those old Gnostic Jesus gospels that say, "The Kingdom of Heaven Is Inside Of You" and if there's a gorgeous Mexican sweetie out there whose "Kingdom of Heaven" looks just like a bottle of hot sauce, well, I guess that'd be fine with me.


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