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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Those Who Do Not Support Obama Shall Be Injected With Hot Sauce Of Hope!

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hot sauce of hopeThis picture is part of a larger painting entitled "Attack of the Obama Mask Hot sauce Cult! which I use as a focal point for discussing a few ideas related to "Obamamania." One of these ideas I want to explore is the idea of Obama non-supporters being injected with HOT SAUCE OF HOPE in an effort to get them "with the program." So are you one of them, a member of the "NOBAMA" crowd? You think you are so cool, such a self-reliant corporate-loving cowboy capitalist as you sit there in your butt-less chaps watching Sean Hannity spew his despicable, disgusting bile of hatred towards those who love hope and believe in change. You sit there eating your bloody raw meat as you listen to Rush Limbaugh. You refuse to go out and look for a job because you say, "What's the point if I'm just going to get punished for my success?" You say this even though you have no prayer of ever making $250,000 a year and will never have your taxes raised under Obama's plan, anyway. It seems to me you need an injection. You need shock treatment for your illness, for being so sour-minded and such a "party pooper" and obstructionist, clinging to your guns and your religion and tiny, small-minded ideas.

Well, it has been decreed that these so-called "self-reliant" complainers who deem themselves too righteous and hard-working to redistribute some of their wealth to the poor must now agree to be injected with the HOT SAUCE OF HOPE that Obama's culinary scientists are currently working on before you come looking to Obama for a hand-out, for a BAIL-OUT once your greedy paws and unscrupulous practice of preying and spitting upon the "weak" bites you in your non-redistributing rear-ends. You think you are a werewolf but you do not realize that the face of the werewolf has changed. It is a more loving face attached to a hairier torso inside which lies a more giving, hopeful heart. You must sacrifice now and help us pay for the debt that was put upon us all NOT BY THE DEMOCRATS but by the greedy capitalist crooks you idolize and let feed you lies and fill with the delusion that you could ever be as rich as any of them are. They laugh at you just as Andy Griffith did in that awesomely enlightening movie, "A Face In The Crowd."


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