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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Touchdown Obama!

touchdown obama refereeSure, we've all seen the heralded "Touchdown Jesus" at Notre Dame, but I think I like this little image of "Touchdown Obama" a better. I know that Obama is a huge football fan. He supports the troops as well as all the hard-working football players who put their bodies on the line for the entertainment of millions. Reports from his recent visit to Iraq to visit the soldiers say that one of the main things he talked to our troops about is football. Obama knows what is important to this nation and that is AMERICAN FOOTBALL!! I know that Obama was a die-hard Bears fan before he started to run for President. Now, in the spirit of fairness he has become an impartial referee, an indiscriminating fan of the entire league, admiring all 32 teams for what they are, for their individual styles of offense and defense; and the differing values of all the different cities they represent. It is awesome to me the metaphorical power of football, how you can relate Obama's appreciation of all the different NFL teams to his desire to unite the nation and all the different cultures of the world.


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