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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Randy Moss With "War Afro" Minnesota Viking Art

randy moss viking afroWe are nearing the time when the NFL and the presidential elections collide and I want to be one of the few who actually combine these two in original art. I've decided to post little parts of new paintings as I work on them, accompanied with some commentary. This first image is from a painting I'm making dedicated to Randy Moss, my favorite NFL player. I am a long-time Vikings fan and Randy will always be a Viking to me. I cheer for him like hell as he does wonders for the Patriots but I will always see him in purple and gold, remembering the times he did my weary heart some good by bringing me joy with every touchdown he scored. This image to dedicated to his days as a Viking and to those few games when he wore his afro out, put on a spectacular performance and entertained the world, a true American hero.


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