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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Randy Moss "Moon" Tribute Art

randy moss mooningThis simple little line painting commemorates that glorious, hallowed day when Randy Moss "fake-mooned" the Packer crowd at Lambeau Field during a playoff game on January 10, 2005, when the Vikings shockingly defeated the Packers 31-17. This was one of the most joyous days of my life. When Randy scored his second touchdown of the game and mooned the crowd, it was a religious experience of ecstasy to hear FOX commentator Joe Buck whining, "What a disgusting act!" I somehow felt redeeemed by all the hideous Vikings playoff losses in the past. I was walking on a cloud all week on the way to the Vikings' pitiful showing against the Eagles the following Sunday. But I didn't care, the "Moon Game" was still with me and Randy Moss became a legend in my mind. It was from day forward when I began to feel his spirit stirring in my soul and I began to gather the courage to metaphorically "moon" all those who would put me down, try to bully me or oppress me. Randy Moss is a great inspiration for all Americans and let's all cheer for him to break his own single-season record of 23 this year.


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