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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Randy Moss' 24th Obama Touchdown

randy moss obama touchdownHere is Randy Moss, catching his 24th touchdown pass from Tom Brady in the endzone, right around November 4th, 2008, Election Day, already beating his last year's all-time NFL single-season record of 23. The Obama logo is seen nearby so it brings up the question: Is Randy Moss catching touchdowns for Obama? Does Barack Obama have some sinister plot to steal ALL of Randy Moss' touchdowns the way many say he is going to steal money from the elderly by raising capital gains tax on profits from selling their homes? Hahahaa, I don't believe all that garbage about Obama raising taxes on the elderly just as I don't necessarily believe Randy Moss is a big Obama supporter. One could argue that Moss supports Obama because he is a fellow African-American. One could also say that since Moss is a native West-Virginian and a self-described "country boy" that he might not vote for Obama, if he even votes at all. Many West Virginians showed they didn't like Obama during the landslide victory Hillary Clinton enjoyed against him during the Democratic Primaries. In the end it is none of the fans' business who Moss votes for, as long as he catches touchdowns, right?


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